Learning Log P6b 23.2.17

Hannah and Isaac

Thursday 23rd   February

Learning Log

L.I. To evaluate my learning and set a target.

Isaac- I learned the 7 times tables, I found it easy. I counted up on my fingers 7 times and adding 7 every time.

Hannah- I learned how to round to the nearest pound and decimals you have a zero at the start of the number and the rest of the number after the decimals point and then round to 1 like this 0.2 you would add up what to make ten.

Isaac I enjoyed painting the planets for our assembly. I am holding up the paintings.

Hannah I enjoyed big writing because I got to write about Charlie and the chocolate factory it was a book review I marked Zoe’s work and Zoe marked my work.

Isaac – my target is to write more in my big writing.

Hannah – my target is to write more in my learning log.

By Hannah and Isaac

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