P6a Learning Log w.c. 20/2/17

Chloe’s learning log

On Wednesday we learned what mnemonics are.

Mnemonics are a way to remember things. You can write down the order of something then you write a silly sentence starting with the same letter of what you want to remember, then you can remember the order of the planets, plants, flowers, animals or anything that you want to remember.

I enjoyed music this week because I found it fun and exciting. We were getting ready for our samba band to go around the school and play drums, tambourines, maracas, and the scratchers.

I think I could do better at literature circles because I could think of harder questions for my partner in my reading group for Notso Hotso.

Also this week I did coordinates in my maths group. I found one of the treasures in our game that we were playing, they were really difficult to find. I enjoyed this week, and every week.

Another group were working on rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenth. It was quite tricky, so they played a few games to help them understand how to do it.


Our P.E. unit at the moment is ‘Invasion Games’ and we have started with football. We had attackers and defenders. First we had to decide on our rules, then we played our game. The first time we did it some people were getting frustrated and annoyed, but the second time we did well and nobody argued!

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