P5b Learning Log

Week 20.2.17img_0449

P5b playing human tic tac toe.

Maths – Some of us have been subtracting 3 digit numbers with carrying and exchange. Other people were focussing on recognising and making their own number sequences. To help us remember our tables we have done timed times table test and human tic tac toe.

P.E – This week we started the next block of skills that we will be doing. We are learning the skills to play invasion games. Our class will be learning the rules and how to play hockey.

This week for big writing we finished our scary incident stories using similes and metaphores to make our writing more interesting. Some similes that people used in their writing were….. “he was a dead as a Dodo.” ” …they moved as slow as a slug.”    ” …as jumpy as a lion.” and …”she was green with envy.” My favourite was “life is a roller coaster.”

This week we have been discussing and talking about how to keep safe on the internet. Three facts that we learnt to keep us safe when using computers are, keep your profile private, never share credit card details, always check with your parents before you use a website.

We are learning some South African songs and dance steps in music to create our own gumboot dances. They are called gumboot dances because when working in mines people were treated badly were not allowed to talk or to bring in their drums to entertain themselves during their breaks. So the workers used their gum boots to make sounds and to communicate with each other.

by Alice



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