P1b Learning Log 6.2.17

What is going well?

“I liked making gingerbread men. We pushed the cutter down into the dough.” – Layla

“I mixed everything together.” – Zilan

“I enjoyed doing literacy because we learned new sounds. There’s ‘ea’ or ‘ee’.” – Sophia

“I liked doing work on ‘ee’ like ‘green’.” – Klaudia

“I like doing maths games on the iPad.” – Tristan

“I like doing maths and playing the cookie jar game.” – Caiden

“I liked doing my gingerbread man. I put chocolate chips for the mouth and raisins for the eyes.” – Erika

“We got to watch P1a’s assembly. My favourite part was when the gingerbread man met a horse.” – Nicholas

“I like doing maths because I learnt to count in French.” – Isla

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