P7a Learning Log 09/02/17

This week in PE with Mrs Gray we did some floor sequences to do with yoga and gymnastics.  We have been doing yoga poses with Mrs Gray for our gymnastics slot and we have been doing gymnastic skills with Mrs McLaughlin.  So for our last week we were able to make floor sequences with our chosen groups.  We had to include a starting pose, an ending pose, a gymnastics way of travellin e.g.forward roll, kart wheel, backward roll.  We had to work our way along the two mats.  My sequence was a arabesque to a forward roll with an ending pose of tree pose.  I learned that all our sequences all had a different way of moving.  I would definitely do this again.

I learned how to ‘read’ pictures to make a story, kind of like using a story map.  We have been reading ‘Our City’ which is collection of stories written by Scottish authors.  One of the stories are just pictures so Mrs Gray decided it would be good to do this since we have been doing and discussing story telling.  The story was called ‘The magic shop’.  It was about a piper who buys a set of bagpipes which come to life and starts eating everyone only to be saved by an innocent little boy with a stick.

I enjoyed music since we got to preform to the Primary 4s Auld Lang Syne on bass guitar.  We have been working on this for a few on the glockenspiels and normal guitar.  We did this to celebrate Burns night.

All in all, it’s been a good week!

By Amy S

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