P3a Learning Log 6th to 10th February 

This week some people came to our class from Generation Science and we did experimenting with different magnets. We found that magnets don’t connect to plastic.

In art we looked at paintings  by Jolomo. He is a Scottish artist and we tried to copy him but we did well.

We did drama ‘At the Dentist’ and it was so much fun.

In maths we did a worksheet on time. We had to solve problems.

In P.E. we had our last week of gymnastics. We’re doing basketball next.

Millie D and Megan

Megan and Millie

Aiming high!

Nora doing the splits

Millie’s ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ shoe design

Spelling practice

Generation Science workshop on magnets

Marvellous Magnets

Testing magnetic fields

Finding North

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