p4b Learning Log Jan 31st-Feb 3rd 

This week in Maths we worked on our 6 and 7 times tables. We use the smart board app Multilplication Bingo. We have also been using the empty number line to work out two digit addition and subtraction.

In Literacy this week we wrote a letter to the National Museum of Scotland for our Big Writing  lesson. We talked all about our trip to the museum and said how much we enjoyed it.

We have been reading the novel Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we love it!! This week we got to design our own Wonka chocolate bars. We designed the cover and included what flavour bar we wanted.

Our new Science topic is Weather. This week we learned about how rain water is formed. We all found it very interesting! We then made our own weather information booklets and we will work on these over the next few weeks adding more of what we learn. This week we looked at the water cycle. We learned new terminology such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

For our last lesson on our Ancient Egypt topic, we had to design posters and present a drama to the class about the mummification process. Here we are using our best acting skills!

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