P7a Learning Log 27/01/17

Learning Successes:

This week I have improved in maths (Algebra) as I now understand it more and I now am better at the balanced sums.

I have also learned how to do a handstand (well, the start of one) and also new ways to jump off of the vaults in P.E.

Bits I need to improve on:

I still get some maths questions wrong in Algebra but those are just silly mistakes.

I sometimes fall off of the vaults in P.E.

How I will improve:

Maths: pay attention a tiny bit more.

P.E: Try a bit harder to not let myself roll off the vault.

Star: Art because it’s nice to do something apart from maths and spelling.

Star: Boy in the Striped pyjamas because the book is very mysterious and intriguing.

Wish: nothing this week has been ok.

by Findlay


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