P7a Learning Log 02/02/17

This week at school I learned lots but I can only say some so here they are:

In art with Miss Firth, I learned that Jack Vettriano got a set of water colours from his girlfriend for his 21st birthday, then he started to teach himself on how to draw and paint. He also won a OBE award.

In our personal projects, I learned (my country is China) in the ying yang sign that the black side is representing night time and the white side is representing day time. Also that most teas like green tea, oolong tea and rosemary tea and most potatoes are grown in China.

I enjoyed making up ideas for our enterprise. I think our best idea was popcorn and they could pick from salt, sugar or pepper , they could even have a mix.  We were also thinking we could make little boxes and put some popcorn in them and make a little movie themed ticket like there going to the movies.

I also enjoyed when the Spanish students came in because they were funny and there games were fun.

by Amy

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