P1b Learning Log 30.01.17

What is going well?

“I like doing pupil voice because you get to know all the things other people liked doing.” – Sophia

“I liked dancing. We pretended to be toys. I was a soldier crawling!” – Joseph

“Being toys in dancing. I was a teddy.” – Zilan 

“Writing sounds like the ‘ai’ sound.” – Humza 

“We learned new sounds. Aidan has the ‘ai’ sound in his name.” – Ibraheem

“I like writing on worksheets and traffic lighting them. Green means easy, yellow means okay and red means it was tricky.” – Laukya 

“We are getting better at Daily Mile!” – PJ

“Playing games in gym. My favourite is toilet tig.” – Nicholas 

“I am fast at Daily Mile.” – Paul 

“I got to be the star because I was the best at being a creeping toy in dancing.” – Tristan

“I liked drawing. I’m quite good at drawing dogs!” – Jack

“I liked doing the ‘ai’ sound like in ‘chair’.” – Jaxx

“I liked being a ballerina!” – Kaede

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