P1b Learning Log 23.01.17

What is going well?

“We have been doing lots of yoga!” – Aidan

“I liked doing maths. We were weighing things. The rubber was heavier than the pencil.” – Theo

“We learned about washing our hands.” – Klaudia

“We made a poster saying PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS so we remember to wash them properly!” – Alex

“I like doing my letters. We learned the ‘wh’ sound like in ‘whale’.” – Jaxx

“It was Robert Burns’ day. We drew the purple flower called a thistle.” – Ellis

“We got to try some short bread!” – Logan

“I liked making things out of paper. I made a tartan.” – Jack

“I liked writing my new sounds. I wrote ‘bath’ because it has ‘th’ in it.” – Kaede

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