P1b Learning Log 16.01.17

What is going well?

“I enjoyed singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We changed the words to ‘If you’re scared and you know it, cuddle a teddy’.” – Erika

“We learned the ‘sh’ sound like in ‘shoes’!” – Ibraheem

“I liked doing the ‘ch’ sound. Chocolate starts with ch.” – Kaede

“I like doing Daily Mile because I like running!” – Jack

“I liked playing ‘teach your monster to read’ on the iPad.” – Logan

“We did an experiment. We were seeing if the ice was melting fast or slow. The one on the pipes melted the fastest because the pipe was hot.” – Isla

“We made hot air balloons and wrote something that makes us happy.” – Nicholas

“We were talking about feeling down or up. When I’m feeling down, having a party makes me feel better!” – Tristan

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