P2b Learning Log – 20.2.17

I have enjoyed revising our sounds soft c and soft g – Casey

I have enjoyed learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 – Karly

This week our topic has been going well – Laila

I know how to eat a balanced diet – Daisy

I enjoyed Hibs football training – Nicole

I would like to finish our fruit bowl in art – Severijus

We would like to learn more about healthy food and exercise – P2b


p7b Learning Log 24th February 2017




In maths this week we continued Lunar Theme Park maths. We finished drawing and creating our theme parks. Also we worked out the prices of our rides and shops/cafes with our budget of £500,000.

–Logan & Ruby


In maths some of us did multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Sometimes we worked on the carpet with Miss Milne, and used our whiteboards for the different activities such as decimal bingo. Sometimes we worked on our own on activities.


If you multiply the decimal number by 10, you move the digits 1 place to the left. If you multiply it by 100, you move the digits 2 places to the left and if you multiply it by 1,000, you move the digits 3 places to the left. Also, we did dividing, which is moving the digits to the right. – Maddie



This week we started off planning our narrative poems. We were allowed to pick the story line and setting. I am planning mines around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We read 2 other poems about Monday Mornings and Bottle Flipping




This week in coding we were doing more work on the 3rd course of our coding work. The annoying thing however was that it kept glitching. I hope we can eventually move on to harder work such as de- coding and number coding work. I’m looking forward to Erin’s mum coming in to do coding with us. Ruby


This week in P.E we were playing football. When we played we went in different groups/teams with a mix of boys and girls. It was really fun and at the end we did boys VS girls which I didn’t really like and I am sure that most of the other people in our class didn’t like it either. –Maddie






P7b Learning Log 10th February 2017

Learning Log


Maths- This week in maths we have been doing Lunar Theme Park maths which is how to plan and maintain a theme park… Our first task was to draw a birds-eye view of our own theme park. We had a budget of £500,000 and we had to spend it wisely.


Literacy/Storytelling- This week we had to tell our Tam O’ Shanter stories that we drew out on story maps. We are recording these on our Ipads. We learned a lot of different skills to be able to tell our stories: confidence, description, detail, using eye-contact, gestures and voices.


P.E.- This week in P.E. with Mrs McLaughlin, we had a few of our pupils set up their own stations for gymnastics. Arwen, Emily, Ruby and Harry did very well at their stations, from our point of view everyone seemed to enjoy it!

On Thursday in P.E. we resorted to a last minute station set up from some of our class… again, Aleena, Maddie, Ruby, Logan and Ava all set up stations. This was last minute because the S6 leaders from Leith Academy were to teach us but were unable to come, but it was great fun.

Art- This week in Art we were dazzling our Robert Burns’ cottages… we mixed colours of acrylic paints and used some unique designs. During this task we also tried some printing using Mod Podge to help us.


Music- This week in music we started a new project on Indian music and we watched a video of Ravi Shanker and his daughter Anushka Shanker playing the sitar, we also noticed some other instruments such as the Tabla(drums) and the Tampura, this was made out of a pumpkin which was really cool!!


Overall our week was good!

By Arwen and Aleena


P7b Learning Log 3rd February 2017



On Thursday the 2nd February our class went to the National Library of Scotland. When we went there we had to complete a task on maps. We had 5 maps and had to match them to the statements. After that we were taken round an exhibition of maps. It was really fun to see the history of maps. It was crazy because the library has 24 million books!! They have 15 floors in total, that is basically 15 times the height of the school. The first floor on the road was actually floor 11, the rest underground. We really enjoyed this trip and would like to go again to read some of the books!

Written by Jake and Joe

Football with Hibs 22.02.17 – P2b 

Today we started our 6 week block of football training with Hibernian Football Club. It was great fun learning new skills and practising our dribbling. We started off with a warm up and thought about all the different ways football players travel around the pitch. 

We then worked in our teams to develop our dribbling skills and finished off with a game of football. Have a look at all our photos from today. 


P4b Learning Log 20th-24th Feb

This week was Internet safety week. We watched a video clip about a girl called Amber. She shared her stories of online social media and how sometimes things can get complicated when we use the Internet. As a class we then worked hard to answer questions and give our opinions on Ambers story. We now are more vigilant when browsing the web and using social media!

In maths this week we focused a lot on the 8 and 9 multiplication tables. We use a bingo game that helps us. For addition and subtraction the emtoy number line is really useful! We have also started working with larger numbers such as hundreds and thousands. It’s challenging!

Our new PE block focuses on Net Ball. This week we worked on handling the ball, quick reactions and how to throw and catch. Here we are practicing our catching:

Our novel this term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so this week we completed character studies on certain characters from our novel. Next Thursday is World Book Day, so we might dress up as one of them!

P1a Learning Log – February


Week Beginning 6/2/17

What is going well?

Joe & Seth – Playing tunnel tig in gym

Tia – learning the ea sound

Finlay & Freya – Remembering the order to bake gingerbread men

Sean – trying my best to write sentences

Magda – learning how to read

Jay – mixing all the stuff together when we were making gingerbread men

Harris – decorating my gingerbread man

Alex – Literacy – learning sounds

Kshitiz – Dancing at the assembly

What could be better?

Luo Lin – writing sentences, remembering every word and the sound they have

Ali & Adrian – Jumping over things in gym

Hannah – Jumping over things sideways

Elle – writing sentences are tricky when they are long

Brandon – I needed some help when trying to mix the butter

This week we really liked performing to an audience.

After the holidays we would like to plan for our new Toys topic.

Week Beginning 20/2/17

What is going well?

Ali – Running in gym is good

Kshitiz – Money – there is a 1 penny

Sean – Gym catching beanbags with a partner

Brandon & Finlay – going fast at mile a day

 Freya – doing sound flashcards with Miss Brown

 Lenny – doing mile a day and running round loads of times

 Harris – Winning the cat and mouse game when I had a beenbag balanced on my head

Luo Lin – writing sentences

Nikolas – liked gym best

Rudra – Balancing and throwing

What could be better?

 Jay – Not losing pen lids

 Adrian – Not running to get to the front of the line in class

 Alex – doing topic maths, sorting the money

 Elle – getting changed for gym

 Hannah – sorting out the coins was a bit tricky

 Joe – sounding out words

 Tia –topic maths learning about coins

This week we have really liked going to assembly and opening a toy shop in the classroom.

Next week we would like to play more duck, duck, goose.

Week Beginning 27/2/17

What is going well?

Magda – learning numbers up to 100

Joe – doing more letters, writing them

Harris – writing sentence

Finlay – topic maths, learning about money

Lenny – writing numbers

Adrian – literacy, learning the I sound with igh

Emilia – the toy shop with money

Seth – counting up to big numbers

Rudra – topic , we get to learn about toys that were in the past

Brandon – writing my name

Nikolas – experiments

What could be better?

Elle – Playing games in gym was tricky

Luo Lin – reading sentences

Hannah – reading tricky words

Jay – reading

Tia – reading group books are tricky

Sean – money, coins

Alex – doing more topic maths

Ali – catching in gym

Kshitiz- stretching in gym

This week we have enjoyed Fergus- the story teller – and playing in the toy shop.

Next week we would like to know more about toys from the past.

Learning Log P6b 23.2.17

Hannah and Isaac

Thursday 23rd   February

Learning Log

L.I. To evaluate my learning and set a target.

Isaac- I learned the 7 times tables, I found it easy. I counted up on my fingers 7 times and adding 7 every time.

Hannah- I learned how to round to the nearest pound and decimals you have a zero at the start of the number and the rest of the number after the decimals point and then round to 1 like this 0.2 you would add up what to make ten.

Isaac I enjoyed painting the planets for our assembly. I am holding up the paintings.

Hannah I enjoyed big writing because I got to write about Charlie and the chocolate factory it was a book review I marked Zoe’s work and Zoe marked my work.

Isaac – my target is to write more in my big writing.

Hannah – my target is to write more in my learning log.

By Hannah and Isaac