P6a Learning Log w.c. 23/1/17

Kyle’s Learning Log.

We did lots of outdoor learning this week and I enjoyed it because it was really fun. As part of our Space topic, we went out to get an idea of how far each planet is from the sun. We measured the distances in steps and one step was the same as 100 million kilometers! We also did some maths outside. We had to decide what information we wanted to gather, then we had to collect our data and represent it in any way we wanted.

On Wednesday we were doing P.E. and there were 5 stations. I think I did well because I had a sore nose but I kept going. My favourite station was number 3.

In music this week I learned how to play a bit of a Scottish song on the guitar and it is called Johnny Cope. I think I did not do well because I found it really hard.



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