P7b Learning Log 16th-20th January


This week in maths we were learning about enterprise as well as tying up loose ends in volume and surface area. On the subject of volume and area, instead of a boring test we created 3D buildings out of paper (only using cubes and cuboids) and then calculated the surface area and volume of the buildings. We also began to scratch the surface of enterprise and budgeting. We were given a scenario in which we had to organise a craft sale. From BOGOF to buying 800 envelopes, we had to do all the budgeting, calculations and everything in between.


At the time of writing this, it is drawing ever closer to Burns night so in celebration of this world famous poet we are studying one of his more famous works, Tam O’ Shanter. We have drawn story maps marking the events of the poem using no words whatsoever. This is to give us some experience in storytelling and including lots of detail. As a side note our story maps were based on the novelisation of Tam O’ Shanter by Lari Don.


This week in P.E. we were doing more yoga and gymnastics. We are also going to be having tryouts for cross country running at the Meadows. In gymnastics we were doing cart wheels and multiple other activities (such as the straddle vault and the backward roll). In yoga we were all doing multiple poses at the same time such as” the downward dog” and the “half lord of the fishes”.


In music we were learning how to play Auld Lang Syne on the glockenspiel in pairs. We were given more freedom to continue further. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lesson and get the hang of the song and notes. 

Louis and Harry

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