P1a Learning Log – January

Week Beginning 10/1/17

What is going well?

I liked playing with the cars with my friends – Brandon

I liked doing gymnastic balances – Hannah

Learning to write sentences – Luo Lin

Learning about the gingerbread man and making storyboards -Tia

 Maths – counting to 100 – Finlay

What could be better?


New learning games – Seth

Reading books is tricky – luo lin

Writing long sentences –Rudra

Knowing numbers by looking at them – Freya

 This week we really enjoyed doing some winter pictures with cold colours and playing with our friends.

 Next week we would like to bake the gingerbread man.

Week Beginning 16/1/17

What is going well?

 Magda – Balancing in gym

Brandon – topic maths, measuring

 Alex S – I like doing the worksheets

 Sean – Doing the hot air balloons and talking about feeling up and down

 Hannah – Doing the ice cube experiment

 Kshitiz –Topic – I feel cross when I am hungry

 Emilia – gymnastics

What could be better?

 Adrian – Writing the sentences

 Elle/Joe –Balancing in gym

 Freya – Measuring

 Harris – Getting changed for gym

 Alex – Doing letters t, sh and ch

 Sean – learning ch better

This week we really enjoyed saying new sounds and circle time.

Next week we would like to make gingerbread men.

Week Beginning –23.1.17

What is going well?

Jay – Jumping in gym

 Joe – Doing letters in Literacy

 Tia – New letters ‘sh’

 Sean – Learning about Robert Burns

 Magda – Colouring in a Thistle, it’s the Scottish Plant

 Harris – The hand washing poster competition

 Adrian – Writing sentences

 Ali – size (measuring)

 David – writing my name

What could be better?

Finlay – Doing more gymnastics (jumping over the hurdles)

 Luo Lin – writing sentences, remembering the full stop at the end

 Hannah and Brandon – doing balancing

Lenny – airoplane pose

Alex – changing for Gym

Emilia – reading stories from library

Elle – Jumping over the hurdles sideways

This week we really enjoyed measuring outside and learning about how to wash our hands properly to kill germs .

Next week we would like to play duck, duck, goose.

Week Beginning –30.1.17

What is going well?

Hannah – assembly practice

Elle, Joe & Jay Gingerbread man worksheets

Rudra – Counting up to 30

Magda – the literacy word worksheets

Lenny & Emilia – pretending to be the characters from Toy Story

Sean – Chinese New Year Dragons

Ali – Writing numbers before and after

Alex – Topic maths (weighing and measuring)

What could be better?

Harris – Writing sentences

Tia – new letters (ai & ay)

Adrian – writing sentences with ai/ay words

Finlay & Kshitiz – Counting backwards

Luo Lin – remembering a full stop at the end of a sentence

Brandon – tricky being the characters from toy story

This week we really enjoyed the buddy afternoon and making Chinese New Year Dragons.

Next week we would like to play duck, duck, goose.




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