P1a Learning Log – November

Week Beginning 07/11/16

What is going well?

Reading stories – Tia

Making words with all the letters – Magda

Looking at vowels in words – Adrian

Making the sweetie house – Finlay

Using the hockey sticks in gym – Nikolas 

What could be better?

The letter worksheets were tricky – Alex

Directions were tricky (left and right) – Rudra

Getting more House Points – Harris

This week:

We really liked making Dazzle Poppies and having an open day

Week Beginning 14/11/16

What is going well?

I liked trying different fruits – Rudra

I liked learning where fruits come from -Brandon

I like playing in the sand – Alex

 Learning the nativity story – Luo Lin

Gym – Tunnel Tig – Lenny

I like to build towers with Lego – Kshitiz 

The oranges were from Spain – Hannah

What could be better?

Reading words are a bit tricky – Freya

Writing words – Elle

Saying the tricky words – Luo Lin

Do more maths – Tia

This Week:

We really liked the Road Safety Magic Show

We really liked making and eating fruit salad

Next Week:

We would like to do more show and tell

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