P1a Learning Log – December

Week Beginning 5/12/16

What is going well? 

Practicing the Nativity – Joe

 Having Assembly – Hannah

Doing the Grand Old Duke of York – Luo Lin

Learning about keeping safe – Jay

Advent Colander -Rudra

What could be better?

 Learning nativity songs –Adrian

Getting changed for gym –Harris

 This week we really enjoyed the Snow Globes Art and Mile A Day.

 Next week we would like to do some Baking.

Week Beginning 12/12/16

What is going well?

 Working with our buddies – Adrian

Adding numbers together – Finlay 

I like choosing what to do – Alex S

 Carpet Time – Singing songs – Seth

What could be better?

Do Daily Mile – Sean

 Sharing with friends – Rudra

This week we really enjoyed working with our Buddy’s, starting our Advent Calendar and decorating the classroom.



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