P7a Learning Log 20.01.17

This week in PE we have moved onto gymnastics.  We learned lots of new things.  I learned how to do cartwheel off the tall box and land on a mat.  It felt scary at first but then it was fun.  I learned how to do a variety of stretches on a bench.  I also learned how to run and jump over a small box without using my hands.

In maths we did algebra for the first time.  I found it hard at first but it is easier now that I have a variety of strategies to use.  I am looking forward to moving onto more challenging equations.

We have started using the Loose Parts Play equipment this week during playtime and lunchtime.  I really enjoyed using the new equipment because I got to play with a lot of different things and you could use your imagination to created new things or play new games.

By Jason

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