P6a Learning Log w.c.7/11/17

 Lennon’s Learning Log

This week Dogs Trust came in to tell us about dogs in WW1. The woman that told us about it was called Rachael. In world WW1 the soldiers in the trenches were freezing so when people brushed their dogs all the hair on the brush that came off would go into a factory and be made in to uniform to keep the soldiers warm.She told us a few stories about messenger dogs and told us other reasons why dogs were used in ww1. The dog senses are way better than the humans senses. Rachael told us a story about a messenger dog named Jack.We wrote poems about Jack the great messenger dog.

This week I also learned that John McRae, the poet who wrote ‘In  Flanders Fields’, was a doctor in WW1. I used to always think that John McRae didn’t fight in the war and just wrote poems. I really like the poem because it reminds you of all the soldiers that died in WW1.

Another visitor came to our class as well and it was the SSPCA [Scottish Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals]. I didn’t really learn as much as  I did when Dogs trust came but I learned a name of an animal called a pine martin and it’s a Scottish animal.


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