P6a Learning Log w.c. 31/10/16

We had another session with our P1 buddies this week. We were looking at the emotion ‘Excited’. We talked about what makes us excited, how we can tell that people are excited and what our bodies feel like when we are excited. Then we danced to the song, ‘I’m so excited’. That was great fun!

On Thursday morning we went on a trip to Trinity House. We were all given a kit bag and we got to be sailors and detectives. When we were sailors we went into the Great Hall and saw lots of things connected to Leith’s involvement with the sea. We liked looking at the gigantic painting and the models of ships. When we were detectives we had to wear white gloves and we got to handle and investigate lots of objects. There was a whale’s tooth with lots of carvings on it, some ropes for tying knots with and a flare gun. We had a great time and learned lots about the history of Leith.


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