P6a Learning Log w.c. 16/1/17


Josh’s Learning Log

On Wednesday we had to go into partners and I was with Ben and David. We were giving a planet to research and so was everyone else. We got Mercury and all the groups got 3 books and had to research about their planet and we had certain questions. The first 2 books we had had nothing about Mercury but the other one did, so I went next door to borrow 2 books with Mercury in. Mercury has a metal core and is a magnet and when the sun sets the whole of Mercury freezes.

Today in P.E we were doing gymnastics it was fun and easy and my forward and back flips are better now. Our first station was when we had to go on a bench and do 2 balances on the bench and hold both for 4 seconds then jump off and do a cartwheel on the block. Our second station was we had to run on the spring board and jump on the bench using your feet and hands the jump off on to the mat.Our third station was climb on the horse, (not a real horse, a bench called a horse!), and lie down on it and put your hands on the mat and duck your head then fall on the mat. Our fourth station was balances with a partner and there is a picture on the wall of some balances with a partner and our final station was practising your forward and backward flips.

This week I enjoyed Daily Mile because I have done better than usual and I ran faster because I have been pacing myself this week.

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