P4b Learning Log 16th-20th Jan

This week we did a lot of work on our 7 times tables. We find the 7, 8 and 9 the trickiest but we use a game on the smart board called multiplication bingo and that really helps us to remember them! We want to get much better at our times tab,Es over the next few months.
This week in our Egyptian lesson we learnt all about Pharaohs and their role in ancient Egypt. Some Pharaohs we learnt about were Ramses 11 and Tutankhamen. King Tut was the most popular King during the Egyptian times. He was also known as ‘The Boy King’ because he became King when he was only 9, and passed away when he was 18/19. His father was King before him, but was not popular with he people of Egypt because he tried to change many of the laws. King Tut restored Egypt to its original self. We made our own information sheets King Tut:

We also did more of our coding this week during our ICT time. Coding was tricky at the start but we are getting much better at it! We talked a lot about resilience. Being resilient is being able to deal with ups and downs we may feel throughout our day and how we can pick ourselves up after we have been upset. We talked a lot about different emotions and different feelings we can feel. So we made our very own emotions grid!

In Literacy this week we made story maps for big writing. We had to listen to a story about an Egyptian girl called Rhodophis. Then, instead of writing a story, we created a story map to outline the sequence of events. This is going to help us in our story writing a lot. Here are some examples:

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