P4a Learning Log – 20th January 2017

Learning Log

  • Our joined up handwriting is getter better.
  • I am understanding dividing in maths more now. At first it was really hard but then you get to know more about it.- Miller
  • I learned a lot about division. I learned division is linked to multiplication if you
  • Getting longer stories in reading is great. In class our groups are working on Mr. Magnolia, Mr. Majeika and The Tunnel. These are good stories as they get you thinking about lots of questions. – Finn
  • We are getting to make our own PowerPoints and addin facts and pictures about Egypt to them. – Scarlett
  • We made ‘Rodophis’ storysticks and we got to imagine what things would look like in the story. It is an old Egyptian version of Cinderella. We used the storysticks to retell the story. It was fun. – Kritakshi & Scarlett


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