P7b Learning Logs Aug – Dec 16



In maths Primary 7 have been working on shape and angles. They were inspired by Kandinsky’s Composition VIII to create their own art which included circles, triangles, lines and a selection of angles.



In art we have been looking at Op Art which is a style of art that uses optical illusion.

In maths, we have been studying the properties of circles. We drew our circles using pairs of compasses which was quite tricky for some of us!







When I heard about the samba drumming, I wasn’t excited but it was actually great fun. My drum was a smallish tall drun called a High Surdo which made a low sound. I enjoyed the samba drumming because it was fun and diverse. I also considered joining the samba drumming club but I am busy at the time it starts. Overall I enjoyed this.


I was really excited to get a chance to do the samba drumming. The tutors were Rohan and Steve and they were really nice. The drum I played was the Casha, a Brazilian drum. I think I participated really well. My ability to follow the tutors while playing the Casha was great. I enjoyed it so much. I’m starting the drum club.

I was playing the Low Surdo. It was really good because I’ve only ever played the drum twice. It was the biggest drum there! I had to play a beat. The beat was Scotland 10 Germany 1. I liked Rohan the best. It was really loud and really fun. I loved it. All the drums were different colours and Arwen had her own.

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