P7b Learning Log Sep-Dec 16



Buddying- P2

My buddy, Nina, and I made a poster on the emotion, Excitement. We drew some pictures and words that showed excitement. Nina and I had a lot of fun. I felt we both worked hard.


When I was with my buddy we created a poster about being ‘excited’ and my buddy Finlay drew a picture of what makes us excited. We wrote a sentence beside it to tell the people viewing the poster why that makes us excited. I think Finlay was a bit quiet but we both enjoyed it.


With my buddy we were making excited masks. It was fun and we wrote a sentence about when we get excited.


My P2 buddy Dan and I had so much fun. We made mouth masks showing an excited mouth. After that we wrote what makes us excited. I wrote Christmas makes me excited because I like to give presents to other people.






Today we went to the Sportshall Athletics’ trial at Meadowbank Stadium. The competition will be at the end of November. There were field trials and relays. I learnt to work as a team and at the end of the last race our team came in first place. I think that I did very well and did my best. Thank you to Mrs Gray for taking us. 100/100




Scottish SPCA

We were visited by the SSPCA. We learnt about how to look after and animals in our environment. Some of us even learnt about animals we had never heard of before. We really enjoyed the animal quiz at the end.


Buddying with P2

We met up with our P2 buddies again. This time we were discussing the emotion ‘Fear’. We watched some clips of ‘Inside Out’ and the character Fear in it. With our buddies we drew pictures of Fear and wrote about what makes us scared, how we feel and how we stop ourselves feeling scared.

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