P7b Learning Log Sep-Dec 16


This week a selection of P7’s from Hermitage Park attented an athletics competition at Meadowbank. Each P7 had a variety of events to take part in; most people did 3 or 4. There were track and field events; some of the track events were: 1×1 relay, 2×2 relay, 4×1 relay, 6 lap parlouf, over and under relay and to top it off, the obstacle relay! Some of the fied events were: standing long jump, triple long jump, vertical jump, chest push and lastly, the speed bounce. We all had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. Overall in the competion we came 5th!

Arwen and Emily




I was successful at learning about function machines although some parts are still a little confusing. Spanish was good and I could count up to 50 and talk about people. I am going to improve my learning by practising my tables for the function machines.   Emily

Music went well this week because we got to make our own music and our own sound effects.  Khadija

My learning success this week was my spelling. I did well with the words. I also did well when making the dazzle art pictures on the famous Scottish women.    Lavine

PE this week was really fun because we did football with the S6 leaders. I scored 2 goals and saved some shots. I also learnt that some people that don’t like it were actually very good. Craig

I think I was successful at writing the biography as it was very interesting to hear about the famous Scottish women.  Rowyn



Scottish Gas Visit

We had a visit from Scottish Gas. They came to discuss energy we use at home, fossil fuels and renewable energy. We worked in groups to complete activities about different energies.

My learning success this week was when the Scottish Gas people came in and taught us about how gas is made and that it will run out.   Logan

During the Scottish Gas visit I did well at answering the questions during the Smartboard activity on different types of energy.  Olivia
In science we are testing out different types of bread and how quickly mould will appear on them. Some groups had their bread in dark places, some in warm places and some in cooler places.

I think science has been a success because I think mould will grow on the bread quickly.  Sophie

Science was successful as my group worked well together and our bread was looking interesting. Ruby



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