P3a Learning Log November

The Secret Garden

Secret Garden 5
Thursday 3rd November

This week in maths we were putting big numbers in order. We were also learning 2D shapes. We did a worksheet about 2D shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, semi-circles, triangles, pentagons and hexagons. We were watching a video about 2D shapes in the streets and buildings.

In PE we moved onto the next block. We did football skills. We are learning to control the ball and we’re doing well.

This week in writing we did posters about fireworks. We had to write instructions for keeping safe with fireworks.

Millie and Shlok


This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T2 2
Every Friday we go to the ‘Secret Garden’. Last week we found herbs that we can eat. One was mint and one was fiery on our tongues. We got cards with adjectives on them and we had to find things that matched. Millie’s was beautiful and she found a sunflower but it didn’t have a smell.

Millie and Shlok.


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