P3a Learning Log 10th to 13th January

Anansi Storymap

Anansi story
.Friday 13th January

This week in literacy we’ve been learning about storytelling. We liked the game ‘Liar, Liar’. We were listening to a story told by our friends. Then the teacher told us a story about Anansi the spider and we made story maps like the one in the picture. We enjoyed this. We told another group the story.

We liked P.E. because  we  are  doing  gymmastics.

Kaitlynne and Lewis

This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T3 1
This week in maths we’re learning about time. We learnt a rhyme about the days in each month. We learnt that there are 366 days in a Leap Year and 365 in a normal year. There are 52 weeks in a year.

We did lots of art work. We started a space rocket and wrote our New Year’s Resolution on it. We’re going to put these on the wall.

Kaitlynne and Lewis

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