P2b Learning Logs – September


This week in class we have enjoyed reading and practising our sounds and tricky words – Laila 

In class this week we have learnt about how to be respectful and show good manners. In class we made a ‘good manners garden’  – Bailey B

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes – Karly


This week we have been making tennis raquets in class for PE and we will use these next week in our PE lesson to practise our balancing skills. 

We have also loved meeting Orlando this week and we are very excited to take him home.

We have been learning about 3D shapes. We know a cube has 6 faces.


In class this week we were learning all about symmetry. We enjoyed creating symmetrical butterflies.

I know a symmetrical shape has a line of symmetry – Alizey

In our class topic we have been looking at classrooms in the past and our classroom today. We have been learning about the kind of things they used in the classroom compared to what we have in our classroom now.

In PE this week we have been learning to balance and control a ball on our tennis raquets – Aaron


Primary 2 have been working on symmetry this week and creating all different kinds of symmetrical pictures, we are going to take the new skills we have been learning and create our very own symmetrical artwork next week as this is something the class are very keen to try.

My favourite thing I enjoyed learning this week was symmetry and making symmetry monsters – Casey

I have enjoyed reading this week and practising my reading at home – Severijus

I would like to create a symmetrical picture in art – Karly

We would like to keep getting better at our daily mile as the weather was quite bad this week.









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