P2b Learning Log – October


In PE this week we were building on our fitness.This involved circuit training and we had different stations to build up our fitness.

We have enjoyed learning more about symmetry, we made symmetrical butterflies in art & design – Eloisa

I’ve enjoyed our learning in numeracy this week. We were learning how to make numbers through addition – Christopher

Next week I would like to do some learning in sand, we could practice writing our tricky words – Severijus


This week in maths we have enjoyed learning about pattern. I have enjoyed making shape patterns – Alizey

I have enjoyed making picture patterns in maths – Laila

We have been improving on our fitness levels and most of us are managing 5 laps of our daily mile. The class have really enjoyed improving on this each week.

We have been learning about nouns and we made a list of places – Eloisa


This week we had lots of fun learning about The Dazzle Ship and enjoyed our ‘Dazzle Day’ in class.

We made Dazzle Ships with Helena we enjoyed learning about the colours and patterns on the ships – Brandyn

In groups we had a treasure hunt around our school, it was great fun – Laila

We have been working on our ‘special skill’ of following the rules – Eva


In class this week I have enjoyed learning about time. We have been looking at ‘o’clock and ‘half past’. – Laila

I have enjoyed learning more about magic e this week – Maya

In PE we have started invasion games we were learning to control a ball in football – Aaron

We have started practising for our Christmas nativity  – Karly

Next week we are going to create Dazzle submarines.


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