P2b Learning Log – December


It has been the final week of rehearsals for our nativity and we have all been working really hard.

I have enjoyed learning all the songs and my lines – Chloe

I have enjoyed learning more about magic e with e – Bailey G

I have enjoyed learning about money. I know 50p is greater than 1p – Nicole

I would like to keep practising our daily mile. We are building it up each week. We can manage 5 laps – Victor

This week we have started to learn our Scottish country dance in PE. We will be doing this at our Christmas party next Friday.


We have been working on our Scottish dance for our Christmas party – Christopher

In literacy we have been revising magic e – Severijus

We loved doing our nativity performance this week to the school and our parents – P2B

I have enjoyed learning about 2p in money with Mrs Salvona – Karly

We all had a fantastic time at our Christmas party on Friday.

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