P2a trip to Lochend Park

img_3481_webAs part of our topic, Our Local Area Past and Present, we went on a trip to Lochend Park to find out more about the history of the area.

Two Lochend park rangers gave us a tour of different parts of the park and we found out a lot of  information about what the park was like in the past.

We had a great day at Lochend park and enjoyed looking inside the police box-it had lots of cool things like bugs to look at!

We learnt that in the past Lochend Park was similar to what it is like today and that there used to be a castle in the grounds of the park which is now abandoned.

P2a said…

“I liked learning about what has changed”– Kendyll

“The Lochend Park trip was exciting, I like going to the park”– Robyn

“It was good looking in the police box, there was lots of bugs in there”-Bea

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