P2a November Learning Log.

7th November 2016

“I know that magic e scares the vowel to say it’s real name, the vowels are A,E,I,O,U.” –Nina

“We were learning about time in maths. We learnt about quarter past and quarter to.” –Ayla

“We learnt about poppy day this week and we made dazzle poppies.” –Florence.

“I learnt that magic e puts all it’s power into the vowels so that they can say their name and that makes the e silent.” -Dan 


14th November 2016

“I learnt that the dazzle ships were painted to confuse the German submarines.”–Kian

“I loved going to see the dazzle ship!” –Bea

“I liked learning about magic e with the letter o.”-Jackson

“I liked playing letter and word games on the ipad.”– Charlie


21st Novemeber 2016

“I liked learning the months of the year in maths. It was tricky writing them in order.” –Tymi

“Learning number bonds to 20 was good, I liked the minecraft song.” –Ronnie

“I am getting better at telling the time. I think o’clock times are quite easy.”–Emily

“I liked learning about day and night and making a night time sky picture.” –Jayden. 


28th November 2016

“I liked practising our nativity on the stage this week.” –Amy

“I liked practising our number bonds in maths, they are easy.” – Zoe

“We learnt about the sun in topic. I know that our planet moves around the sun, causing day and night.” –Ronnie

“We learnt to read and write words using magic e with the vowel u.”– Rory



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