P2a December Learning Log.

2nd December 2016

We all had a great day today at our Christmas fair and enjoyed taking part in different Christmas art activities in class. 


9th December 2016

“I learnt more words with magic e this week and I know that magic e scares the vowels to say their real name.” –Erskine

“We learnt about money in maths. I know that when you count money you should start with the biggest coin first then add the smaller coins on to make the total.”–Rory

“I learnt the different coins and can put them in order of smallest-biggest value.”–Kendyll

“I enjoyed doing Christmas baking with Leanne, we got to do all the measuring and mixing ourselves! “–Ayla

“I learnt that the moon is made of rock and that the sun makes the moon change shape.” -Aairia


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