P2a Dazzle Ship trip.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our local area, past and present.

Part of our topic focused on Leith docks and what this area was like in the past.

We learnt that in the past ships were sent from the docks to fight enemies in the war.

In order to protect and camouflage the ships from the enemy, an artist came up with the idea of dazzling ships.

Dazzling a ship meant that when it was spotted by the enemy they did not know the speed or direction the ship was going in so could not aim a torpedo at it.

We found out that an old dazzle ship has been brought to Edinburgh to dock at Leith and decided to go and visit it.

We really enjoyed our trip to see the dazzle ship and had fun playing the game Ship Captain, with dazzle themed actions for us to do.

We know that the ship at Leith docks is called Every Woman. The ship was given this name because in the war the women were the people who painted the ships whilst the men were at war. 

After our trip we went back to school and had fun creating our own dazzle ships



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