P1a Learning Log – September

Week beginning 5/9/16

What is going well?

Hibs came in to see us.

Making numbers with play doh. 

Learning about the golden rules.

What could be better?

We could get changed faster for gym.

We could have more toys in the sand.

This week:

We liked getting house points and playing the computer.

Week beginning 12/9/16

What is going well?

Making Dazzle Ships

Learning how to spell words like ‘rat’

Learning about Raksha Bandhan and making bracelets

Throwing beanbags into the hoops

What could be better?

Everyone could get Golden Time

Everyone could look after property

This Week:

We really liked our Buddy Afternoon

Week beginning 19/9/16

What is going well?

Making patterns on our Dazzle Ships

We made reindeer cards for Christmas

Teach your monster to read on the ipads 

What could be better?

We could learn about Dinosaurs

Sharing games at choosing time

It was a little tricky writing letters

This Week:

We really liked trying to get on the rainbow and star

Next Week:

We would like to sing more nursery rhymes

week beginning 26/9/16

What is going well?

We have been learning about shapes -Hannah/Rudra

Dazzle Ship Patterns – Harris

Using rackets and balloons in gym, we bonged them with the plates – Finlay

What could be better?

Making Dazzle Ships in a group was a bit tricky – Sean

I don’t like running around in gym, it makes me tired – Jay

This Week:

We really like making boats and putting them in water to see if they would float or sink

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