P1a Learning Log – October

Week Beginning 3/10/16

What is going well?

The house meeting – Emilia

Writing numbers – Freya

Doing different activities in maths – Sean

Races, jumping, hoping and army crawls in gym – Finlay 

What could be better?

Getting more house points and finishing our charts – Jay

This Week:

We really liked doing different stations in gym.

We really liked having our families watching us learn.

Next Week:

We would really like to play Duck Duck Goose again

Week Beginning 10/10/16

What is going well?

Painting – Magda

Playing outside in the playground – Brandon

Three Little Pigs – Emilia

Making the pigs with paper – Joe

What could be better?

Making words were a bit tricky this week – Hannah

Running in the gym hall makes me tired and that’s hard – Sean

Week Beginning 24/10/16

What is going well?

Using tape to paint shapes for Dazzle Ships – Lenny

Making underwater worlds with play-doh – Harris & Joe

I thought I was good at writing the numbers in maths – Finlay

What could be better?

The qu sound, it was a bit tricky – Rudra

Playing new games in literacy – Harris

Drawing the bear was a bit tricky (live link with author talking the children through how to draw a character from his book) – Sean

This Week:

We liked playing with our friends.

We liked doing Dazzle Ships with Helena.

Next Week:

We would like to have some new literacy activities.





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