P7a October 2016 Learning Logs


Thursday 27th October 2016

This week I have learned how to search for my spelling words in a dictionary.  Some of my words were ‘infectious’ and ‘victorious’.  I like it and I can use a dictionary properly now and not just skip pages till I get to the right page.

I need to get better at symmetry because I only completed a couple of questions on the symmetry work.  I am getting better but still find a few of them quite confusing.  I need to stop talking as well and get more work done.

I enjoyed subtracting in mental maths at the start of day and I am okay at maths.  Tomorrow I am going to challenge myself and do the hardest column to learn more and push myself.

By Aidan



Thursday 13th October 2016

This week in maths we have been learning about symmetry. I found it fun because in one of our lessons we got to draw another half of a drawing and it had to be symmetrical.  I had lots of fun in maths this week. My next steps in maths are to draw more symmetrical patterns and pictures.

Also in P.E we are doing fitness.  This week it was fun because we had lots of different stations and we didn’t just have easy ones we also had ones that we had to push ourselves in.  My next steps in P.E are to push myself a lot harder.

By Maja


Thursday 6th October 2016

This week in maths we learned about coordinates (24, 12).  We learned about how to draw a grid with an x and y axis.  We learned how to mark a point on the grid and how to join them together and make a shape or a picture.  I drew a house for one of my questions.

This week in literacy we revised how to find a word in a dictionary to find the meaning. We also learned about internet safety so that when we are on a social network site we know how to be safe. We discussed the main safety points and we decided that 1) We should only be friends with/speak to someone we have physically met because if we have not met them we don’t know them, they could be anyone. 2) You must have your settings set so only friends or family can see your posts.

This week in topic we made a mobile about dazzle ships using the facts we researched last week.

This week I enjoyed the loose parts play because we got be creative and use our imaginations.  I made a den with my friends and we also made a ball run.  We would really like to have it again and we are going to try and get our own loose part play equipment to have in school.

By Brad

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