Learning Log P6b August 2016- January 2017

Thursday 12th January

Learning Log

LI-To evaluate my learning and set a target.

This week we learned how to add to a decade we got a book with questions that where like we have 10 cookies and if we had 102 bags what is the answer.

This week we have learned music we listened to a Scottish piece of music and we estimated what instruments, and what it made us feel like.

Our target is to ignore people talking to us and to just get on with our work.

By Zoe and Luke

Thursday 15th December 2016          

Learning Log

L.I – To evaluate my learning and set a target.

This week I enjoyed the Christmas Party because we did a lot of dances and games it was really fun. We liked it when Mr Craig-head played the violin when we did the Dashing White Sergeant. We had a snack in between.

This week in music I was good at learning how to play the guitar, glockenspiel and egg shaker. We were good at keeping in time in with the music and not going off beat. Mr Craig-head also played the violin in the library.


This week my target shall be to get better at measuring the area and perimeter of a shape.


This week my target is to get more information from a video to write a paragraph with it.

Katy & Harry

Thursday 8th December

Learning Log- L.I To evaluate my learning and set a target.

Nikolasz liked playing on sumdog in maths.

Bailey liked baking for our pasta jar reward we baked cookies and shortbread.

Nikolasz liked learning the dances in P.E.

Bailey liked big writing because we got make a diary entry for the m and s advert.

Nikolasz liked baking also because he got bake cookies.

Bailey I liked doing reading because we got to fill in the blanks.

Nikolasz likes playing football outside when it is our day.

Bailey  in rme we wrote a paragraph about Islam.

My target is to use paragraphs in Big Writing.

My target is to get better at maths.

By Bailey and Nikolasz.


Learning log

Thursday 1st December

L.I.-To evaluate my learning and set a target.

Rebecca-this week I learnt how to make a dazzle ship out of junk and try to make it float.

Aaisha-this week I learnt about volume and capacity.

Rebecca-this week I enjoyed circle time because some people got to share their worries and good news and also we got to play splat.

Aaisha-this week I enjoyed P.E with Mrs McLaughlin because we did dancing.

We enjoyed buddying

We need to get better at maths.

Rebecca-my target is to have neater handwriting.

Aaisha-my target is to have neater writing and to finish it on time.

By Rebecca and Aaisha

Learning Log Thursday 24th November




We went to music and we were doing are radio play we got it recorded too.

I done maths I wasn’t good at maths. I was good at P.E.

Taylor- My target is to stop talking over others listen.

Sky- My target is to try and keep calm.

Lewis       learning log Friday 11th November

li to evaluate my learning and set a target

I was good at my remembrance poem. I done an acrostic poem with remembranced own the side I showed miss Bishop and she gave me house point for itmy target is in PE. I need to get more control of the basketball and when I’m shootingI need to put my hands in the right position to try and get the in the basket.

In maths we were doing scales and we had a worksheet that we had to predict theheight, the length and the breadth. I think I was quite good at predicting the height of class and the length of the playground and the height of the school and length of the class.

When dogs trust came they talked about dogs in the war one dog was called jack he wasa messenger dog he once saved a lot soldiers because the soldiers had no ammo and they were under attack and they had to send a message to the headquarters so he got the letter and went on the journey on the way he got shot 3 times but a soon as hegot to the headquarters he unfortunately passed away but the soldiers got the ammo and got out.

By Lewis

Thursday 3rd November 2016

Learning log

LI. I can evaluate my learning and create my own target.


In maths I liked making compasses with a partner we went out side with are partner and we got a bit of chalk to take outside with us. We also done decimals. We played a game we had to put the right numbers in the right place and we played another game were you have to put the numbers biggest to smallest.


In P.E. we are doing basket ball we played a game with Mrs McLaughlin were you need there is 2 groups and you each have a ball and then the first person has to try and shoot a basket if you get it in you sit at the side if you miss you get another go. At the end of P.E. Mrs McLaughlin picks someone to be a p.e star.


In art we done Pablo Picasso cubism with miss Bower we watched a video of what he done and then we drew a portrait of our self  and then we coloured it in.

I think I was good at drawing a picture of myself in art in the Picasso style.

I think I could get better at making my writing neater.

By Grace

26.10.16                                                Learning Log

L I- to evaluate my learning and set targets .

This week I have learned about rationing we learnt what rationing is too. Rationing meansnot wasting food and making sure people did not starve even the king and queen were rationed .

This week I was good at P.E because I upgraded fitness skills that was too easy for me

Eg I had to hop over the hurdle on one foot and I did a chin up on the monkey bar.

This week I enjoyed doing the Christmas art I done a hotel with decorations and santaon it we had to do it portrait or they would not take it in.

My target is to draw an angle accurately.


Thursday 13th October

L.I. To evaluate my learning.

I was good at learning about women in world war one. I can show this because I know a lot about Lenah Higbee. For example; she was the first female to have a ship named after her [USS Higbee]. I learnt a bunch in this lesson. Did you know that Lenah Higbee was the first person to be given a navy cross? Three words I would use to tell you about it are interesting, loud and noisy.

I want to get better at multiplying four digit numbers by one digit numbers I can tell this because I need to practice reading the equations. I can help myself try to learn by reading more sums. [5664X4=] I think you can see why I struggle.

I enjoyed learning how to measure angles using a protractor because I could try estimating and trying to measure angles. I can show this because most of the time I get them right.

By Ella

Learning Log Thursday 6th October 2016

L.I To evaluate my learning.

In maths we done angles and we used protractors.

Then we did daily mile which was fun

We also done PE and we done fitness.

Something that was good was doing music. It was fun because we listened to different songs

Something that could have been better was shape work.

By Kian

Thursday 29th September 2016

L.I.- To evaluate my learning.

This week in PE we started fitness because we were doing badminton before and we got put in stations and done planks and other fitness stuff and we needed to stay in the fitness moves for two minutes and by the end of that I was boiling and really hot.

Also we done spelling and we needed to write our spelling words down and we have names for our spelling words and I am in the group called the wispas and I like my group .

On Tuesday we got our homework handed out for the next again Monday and we got activities to do.

In maths we were learning about decimals and decimals and is about money and we done decimal chimney sums and I found that quite easy because it’s just like normal chimney sums accept you add decimal points.

I think I was good at maths this week because I could do decimal chimney sums and I found it quite easy.

I think I could get better at spelling because some of the words I don’t know what some of them mean so I could find what the spelling words what I don’t know to find out what they mean.

By Declan

Learning Log Thursday 22nd September 2016

L.I. – To evaluate my learning

In our topic we learned that world war 1 started because Germany wanted to control other countries so the others didn’t like it so that’s why world war 1 started.

In music we practised on the glockenspiel guitar for the assembly when the song conkers comes on half the class are playing one instrument and the others a different one.

In circle time we shared some worries and some good news and we played a game called fruit salad and we passed this teddy around to say good afternoon then at the end we say merci that means good bye in French.

In spelling we got are spelling words then did look cover right check and we do that every morning until Monday that is when we get are spelling words.

I was good at shape work.

I want to get better at learning more about world war 1.

By Lee

15.9.16         Learning Log

L.I.- To evaluate my learning.

Monday- we were practicing doing SMASH hits and drop shots also we met our P1 buddies for the first time. On Monday I enjoyed going to the library.

Tuesday –On Tuesday we had a sing song assembly because miss McLaughlin wasn’t feeling well. We started Iron Giant the movie so we could compare the book to the film. On Tuesday I enjoyed THE IRON GIANT.

Wednesday-On Wednesday we did a TV report about the iron man fighting the space bat angel. We also did handwriting.

Thursday-On Thursday we made Christmas cards and we also did shape work.

I want to get better at drop shots in P.e .

I was good at making my christmas card art.

By Louis

Thursday 8th Septmber 2016

Learning Log

L.I.-To evaluate my learning and use adjectives.

This week we worked on a trailer of The Fox and The Child. We had a grid, and we at first chose four sections from the grid. For Example: Why do you think you don’t see the girls parents in the trailer? Or- Write three facts about foxes.

We also learnt about values, a value is what you think is important for Example: a family, Education and friends. For French we learnt how to count up to ten. I would like to get better at understanding values. I think I am good at organising a drama.

By Iola

Friday 2 SeptemberLearning log

L.I.-To evaluate my learning.

This week I have learned what acute angel looks like and a right angle looks like in maths, it was very tricky.  We also did number ordering from biggest to smallest then smallest to biggest. In maths we also played SUMDOG it is really fun playing it.

In P.E. we did badminton it was fun but I can`t hit the shuttlecock on Monday. Then on Tuesday we done the same we had three stations of badminton.

We are all reading the Iron man book we made a dairy about Hogarth about feeling bad about it and we made some things in maths and art.

In literacy we done VCOP we also did a big written assessment about are time so far in p6b and on my summer holiday and something I am looking forward to and what we want to learn and some things we liked in p5.

On our daily mile you do 8 laps around the playground.

By Hannah

Friday 26th August

L.I.- To evaluate my learning.

This week we did some dance workshops! It was fun. For literacy we drew and labelled some iron man pictures. We looked at how the iron man was before and after. We wrote a diary entry using VCOP like if we were Hogarth from the iron man book. In circle time we discussed about emotional resilience (coping with problems). In maths we ordered numbers then we learned about 3D shapes and therir properties. I want to get better at using VCOP.  I was good at the 3D hand art, it was fun!!!                  

By Alba                                                                                      


L.I. – To evaluate my learning.

Friday 19th August 2016

On Wednesday we did Find a Friend Bingo to find out different things about other people in the class. We enjoyed making name places because we got to make them colourful. On Wednesday some of us did lots of writing on the iPad. We also enjoyed writing about our holidays and circle time because we got to hear what each other did in the summer holidays.

On Thursday we designed our own jigsaw pieces to show that we all fit together. We also created our own self portraits. We drew them first and then coloured them in.

We enjoyed drawing some pictures because our pictures ended up totally different even though they started off as the same picture. We also made a class charter and thought about our rights and responsibilities.

We enjoyed doing two truths and one fib because we got to find out more about each other.We also enjoyed doing our time capsule because when we are going in to p7 we can see if we are still the same as we were in p6.

In music this week we were finding the beat of a song. We are going to have a club to make a song about the Scottish cup.

We have continued with the daily mile and enjoyed counting our laps. We like writing what has gone well and what could be better on our class wall and completing challenges in class.

By P6b

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