P6a Learning Log w.c. 29/8/16


David’s Learning Log

L.I.to show what I have been learning this week.

This week in maths we went round different tables doing different tasks. I found it pretty easy. My favourite task was the smart board. We got to do times tables games and 3d shapes on Education City.

In BIG writing we wrote a letter to someone saying what we are enjoying so far in p6a. I wrote mine to my little cousin Isla saying each thing we do and I wrote down everyone’s jobs.

This week I enjoyed doing my 3D hand and the Iron Man pictures.

Also Hibs came to school and showed us the Scottish cup and we were singing Hibs songs. Martin Boyle came as the player we were all really happy it was him.

We also had band auditions. I would really like to play trombone. We got a shot of each instrument and the trombone suited me most.

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