P2a August-October Learning Logs

We have settled in well to our first term of primary 2 and we been learning a lot!

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and directions.

We have learnt a lot of new sounds and tricky words in literacy and are enjoying reading and writing every day.

In topic we have been learning all about our local area in the past and present.

P2a said…

“In maths I liked playing the Harry Potter game for before and after numbers, it was so fun.” -Ayla

“I liked drawing maps of where we live and talking about the places we go to around our houses.” -Florence

“It was fun playing the children/teacher game in literacy-we got to test each other on spelling words.” -Kian

“I liked the sorting 2D and 3D shapes game.” -Kendyll

“In maths I liked learning about 3D shapes. I liked learning about the faces and using shapes to count them.” -Martin

“I liked working with 2D shapes-we counted how many sides they had and then we made shape pictures.” -Cole

“I liked learning new letters this week and making words with them. The games we played were fun.” -Bea

“I liked using the adding cards in maths with a partner when we had to say a sum and then write the answer.” -Nina

“I liked practising catching and throwing in gym, it was hard  but we got better at the end.” -Kaitlyn

“Learning about symmetry and pattern was fun. We made our own butterfly pictures using paint. We had to make sure each side was the same. ” -Aaira

“We liked learning about friendship and sharing and we read the story The Rainbow Fish to help us with this. We then made our own Rainbow fish.” – Emily

“Learning about direction in maths was fun. We had to give our friends directions to follow to guide them around the classroom.” -Erskine

“It was fun playing with the Bee-bots to make them move round in different directions too.” -Ronnie


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