P1a Learning Log 19.02.18

What is going well?

“I enjoyed painting with Lego!” – Atharv

“I liked making a spaceship with Lego.” – Martin

“I like colouring in.” – Milo

“I liked playing with Lego.” – Lacey

“I like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.” – Christopher

“I liked putting the beans in order.” – Corbin

“I like playing with the fire station.” – Teigan

“I liked putting sand in different bottles.” – Darcy

“I liked playing in the house corner.” – Sophia

“I like looking for toy spiders in the sand.” – Lacey

“I learned the ‘sh’ sound like ‘shoes’.” – Tia

“I learned ‘ch’ words like ‘chair’.” – Inana

“We acted out Jack and the Beanstalk in drama.” – Grace


What could be better?

“I want to play with more play dough next week.” – Aiyet

“I want to colour in Frozen pictures at Golden Time.” – Charlotte

“I want to do even more drawing.” – Finlay

“I want to learn more about plants.” – Devyn

“We could put magic beans in the sand.” – Dominik

“We could play with some cars.” – Krystian

“I want to make Jack and the Beanstalk puppets for the theatre.” – Matylda

“I want Beanie Boo pictures to colour at Golden Time.” – Indae

P7b Learning Log – 23/2/18

This week I learned loads about germs. I have always heard the word germs as a bad thing and I still struggle not to, but I now have some knowledge that not all germs are bad. In fact, some germs you need, and I now don’t think of all germs as a bad thing.

Another thing I learned this week is how to write songs. I learned a new technique in our music lesson. I have previously tried to write one and found it too difficult but now I find it a bit easier!

By Iola.

P7 Rugby Tasters!

This week P7b took part in a rugby taster session with Ross. We learned skills such as how to hold the ball, how to show we wanted to receive the ball, and the correct way to throw and catch the ball so it didn’t look like we were playing American football!

We played a few mini games to encourage us to pass to our team mates and find different spaces – the aim was to complete 5 and then 10 passes in a row!

At the end we played a game as a whole class and tried to score into the opposing team’s den – we had a fun morning!


Pupil Voice w/b 19.02.18

Weekly Review       Week Beginning – 19 February 2018 Class – P4b

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Josh- I liked making bar charts on the computers.

Jenna- I enjoyed learning about Chinese and making lanterns.

Ava- I really enjoyed making the lanterns when learning about Chinese Learning.

Thea- I enjoyed painting the bird whilst learning about Leith.

Darin- I enjoyed making the lanterns as it was really fun and you could use Chinese symbols.

Emma- I enjoyed PE, learning football.

Mark- I enjoyed Daily Mile.

What could be better?



I want to improve…

Lucas- I want to improve my chimney sums because I think it’s important to learn different ways to develop your math’s abilities.

Emma- I would like to learn Venn diagrams.

Josh- I would like to learn more about Chinese New Year- why Nian started doing it all?

Thea- I would like to improve on math’s, dividing, because I would like more challenge.

Alex D- I would like to get better at bar charts in math’s.

Meadow- I would like to learn more about maps and Leith.

Vanshika- I would like to get better at bar charts on the computer.