P1b Learning Log – wb: 19.03.18

This week P1b enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.

The whole class enjoyed watching P3b’s assembly.  They have learned a lot about Edinburgh.  They told us that Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano and they told us about their visit to the castle.  They also sang “Three Craw’s”.  Well done P3!


Here are some of the children in p1b playing one of their favourite maths games at the SmartBoard.  It’s called Adventure Man and is a counting game.  They were very good at taking turns and were helping each other play the game.  Well done!

What’s going well this week.

World Book Day and the assembly were fun!

Lots of children went to the movie night and had fun watching Boss Baby.  It was great fun coming to school in your pyjamas and eating popcorn.  We hope the parents enjoyed their chilli night.

We have started to learn about time.  We are keen to learn to tell “o’clock times”.

We have been learning ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ sounds which are found in words like ‘feet’ and ‘heat’.  We like learning new sounds.

In maths we have been learning to ‘count on’.


Pupil Voice-23.3.18, p4b

What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…

Fletcher- I enjoyed doing a test on Data Handling.

Josh- I enjoyed learning about the water of Leith.

Kyle- I enjoyed painting birds with water colours.

Alex D- I enjoyed writing my story on the computer.

Thea- I enjoyed the ICT suite.

Ruairidh- I enjoyed learning about Leith.

Jude- I enjoyed Data Handling.

What could be better?


I want to improve…

Josh- I would like to get better at swimming, diving.

Jude- I would like to improve my Spanish as I’m struggling with the days of the week.

Meadow- I want to get better at Spanish as I’m going to Spain in the summer.

Darin- I would like to improve going under water within swimming.

Mya- I would like to learn to improve my diving in swimming.

Kyle- I would like work on Data Handling.

Thea- I would like to improve my writers craft.

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

I liked learning Data Handling.

I liked learning about the Water of Leith.

I would like to improve my swimming strokes.


P3a Learning Log 23rd March 2018

On Thursday we went to Edinburgh castle and we saw the one o’clock gun. We went down to the prison cells and we got scared. We learnt that there are crown jewels at the castle. We also saw a parade and a plane flew over. After that we went to see Greyfriars Bobby and his gravestone. It was fun but cold.

Today we all came dressed up for World Book Day. I was the worst witch and Amy was Hermione Granger. We all read bits from our favourite stories. I really liked reading my story. We’re getting better at reading.

In literacy we’re learning about Proper nouns. We watched a video about ‘The Lighthouse’ and we had to retell the story in a cartoon.

I’m getting better at maths but I still need to be quicker. (Amy)

I’d like to get better at the reading book worksheets. (Florence)

Amy and Florence

Our Edinburgh Castle trip on Thursday:

Buddies Afternoon:

Cartoons of the story ‘The Lighthouse’

Spelling check up:

All dressed up for World Book Day:

Amy and Florence:

P6b Learning Log w.c. 19.3.18

Luke’s Learning Logimage

In topic we created some incredible artwork. Everyone tried really hard and they are so interesting.

We have put PostIts out for people to comment on our work. We’ve had some really nice comments.

imageIn Buddy Time we helped them by reading books and some buddies read to us. Everyone  was listening so well.

In P.E. we played with a parachute. We played two games. The first one was Fruit Salad. In Fruit Salad there are four teams. Team one is Apple, team two is Strawberry, team three is Blueberry and team four is Banana. One person calls out a team and the other teams must throw the parachute up in the air and the team that is called runs under and finds an empty place. When the caller says Fruit Salad, everyone throws the parachute up in the air and runs under. The second game was to get a beanbag in the hole in the middle.



P1a Learning Log 12.03.17

What is going well?

“We sequenced how to plant a flower.” – Atharv

“I liked colouring in Pokemon at Golden Time.” – Finlay

“I liked drawing the four seasons.” – Carmella

“I’ve learned about being kind.” – Martin

“I was throwing beanbags underarm through the hoop.” – Maya

“I learned new sounds ai and ay.” – Indae

“I liked matching the opposite words.” – Teigan

“I like Hairy Letters on the iPads.” – Krystian

“I like playing Hairy Phonics.” – Dominik

“Learning new words.” – Grace

“I have been writing ‘sh’ and ‘ch’.” – Zosia

“We learned how a beanstalk grows.” – Devyn

What could be better?

“Play more of the basketball game for adding.” – Corbin

“I want to learn how to build a spaceship with Lego.” – Milo

“I want to do more Frozen colouring at Golden Time.” – Inana

“The basketball game was quite tricky.” – Darcy

“I want to make words with different pictures.” – Lacey

“Learn how to play some new games.” – Matylda

“Try and play nicely.” – Tia

“Everyone playing nicely with the Lego.” – Sophia