P1a Learning Log 12.03.17

What is going well?

“We sequenced how to plant a flower.” – Atharv

“I liked colouring in Pokemon at Golden Time.” – Finlay

“I liked drawing the four seasons.” – Carmella

“I’ve learned about being kind.” – Martin

“I was throwing beanbags underarm through the hoop.” – Maya

“I learned new sounds ai and ay.” – Indae

“I liked matching the opposite words.” – Teigan

“I like Hairy Letters on the iPads.” – Krystian

“I like playing Hairy Phonics.” – Dominik

“Learning new words.” – Grace

“I have been writing ‘sh’ and ‘ch’.” – Zosia

“We learned how a beanstalk grows.” – Devyn

What could be better?

“Play more of the basketball game for adding.” – Corbin

“I want to learn how to build a spaceship with Lego.” – Milo

“I want to do more Frozen colouring at Golden Time.” – Inana

“The basketball game was quite tricky.” – Darcy

“I want to make words with different pictures.” – Lacey

“Learn how to play some new games.” – Matylda

“Try and play nicely.” – Tia

“Everyone playing nicely with the Lego.” – Sophia

P3b Learning Log 12.03.18-16.03.19

What is going well?

I learned about emotions and made an emotions wheel to show how I am feeling.  -Elza

I would like to learn more Scotland songs, I liked learning the songs for assembly.


I have learned how to write an acrostic poem.   –Bailey B

I learned about common nouns and proper nouns in literacy.  –Oskar

I learned 3 Scottish songs for assembly. My favourite song is Ally Bally Bee. -Luci


What could be better?

I would like to learn more about John Logie Baird and how he made the T.V. –Chloe

I would like to learn more tricky words in literacy. –Eva

Next week I would like to learn more about Scottish artists.  –Maurice

I would like to learn about Greyfriars Bobby and who made his statue in Edinburgh. –Daisy

I want to learn more about Greyfriars Bobby.  –Laila

P6b Learning Log w.c. 15.1.18

Alice’s Learning Log

In P.E we did gymnastics . We were working on our handstands, I think I gained confidence when I was upside down. We had 5 stations that we worked on and all of them helped us build strength in different ways. On one station we jumped on to a beam then bunny hopped or cart wheeled off.

We started our Ancient Greece topic. This week we learned about democracy because it started in Ancient Greece . They had three types of democracy in Greece, they were:

The ekklesia

In the ekklesia all men were allowed to vote. Out of 40,000 men, 5,000 men attended regularly .

The boule

A group of 500 men discussed what decisions would go to the ekklesia. These men were chosen at random and were part of the boule for one year.

The dikasteria

The  dikasteria was a court, 500 jurors who were men over 30 years old. These men where chosen at random. They decided on the punishments for different crimes.

March 2018

Our Ancient Greek Vases are all finished now and are up on display in the hallway. They took quite a long time to make. We started with balloons and papier mache – it took a few layers! Then we painted them orange before adding our designs.  We had looked at pictures of Ancient Greek vases and read about the designs – like using the Olympic themes.IMG_0955IMG_0956IMG_0960IMG_0961IMG_0962IMG_0963IMG_0964IMG_0965IMG_0966IMG_0967IMG_0968IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0971IMG_0972IMG_0974IMG_0975IMG_0976IMG_0977IMG_0978IMG_0979IMG_0980IMG_0981

P3a Learning Log 15th March

This week in art we drew a Charles Rennie Mackintosh picture and it was fun.

This week in maths we played a fun game and it was about graphs. We had to answer questions by pressing on the correct bar.

In spelling we wrote our words and wrote three sentences and I wrote my words in alphabetical order.

This week in topic we went to the library and looked up facts about John Logie Baird.

We also learnt about different Scottish foods that we haven’t seen before like tablet, cranachan and stovies. The teacher says they’re all delicious.

I need to get better at the maths starter. (Mohab)

I need to get better at using more adjectives. (Dan)

Dan and Mohab

Do you like our Charles Rennie Macintosh chairs?

Learning about Scottish food

Working together on poems about Scotland

Spelling practice

Homework presentations

Mohab and Dan

Nursery News

Having had a lot of fruit left over from the short week last week, Miss Burgess has been baking lots of yummy things with the children. They made banana crumble cake, banana loaf, apple rock cakes, scones and a birthday cake! The children gave some of the baking to the school staff for their break time. A couple of children had to walk to Tesco with Miss Burgess to buy more eggs and flour! Occasionally we get this great opportunity to go out with the children on a 1-2 ratio. The children helped to look for the items on the shopping list and scan the items at the till.

We have enjoyed some of the left over snow in the garden. Some of the children were using the numbers on the shed door to try and throw their snowballs, there was great competition as to who could get to the highest number!

Miss Young has been working with small groups on their pencil grip. This is something that can be practised at home too. It is important to have this correctly in place early on in your child’s development. Nursery provides lots of opportunities for the children to develop their fine motor skills such as scribbling using various media, craft activities, working with play dough and using tweezers to count objects, to name a few. Here are a few websites to help your child develop their pencil grip:


World Book Day could not be entirely missed so we had a dress up day on Thursday. Some of the pupils dressed up as pirates, a Peter Rabbit, lots of princesses and some parents kindly came in to read us a story. We really enjoyed it. If anyone would like to come in and read us one of their favourite stories then let a member of staff know. We would love for you to join us.

Finally,nursery is quite short of spare clothes. If anybody has age 3-4years trousers, t-shirts, jumpers and socks and pants. We would appreciate any donations.

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