P1b wb: 15.01.18

What is going well?

Sophie liked watching the video of the jumping lemurs.  She also enjoys blowing up her space bubble when we do PE.

Mia said that when we were practising different ways to jump in the hall we were getting lots of good exercise.

Sonny also enjoyed jumping, especially when we were jumping in and out of a hoop.

Jamie likes playing at the water tray.  He has been finding different sounds on the toy crabs.

Orla has learned her sounds, but she still enjoys practising them.

Cody likes to play tag outside in the playground with his friends.

Darcy enjoyed making a toy in class.  Everyone made a thaumotrope which is a scientific toy with two pictures. When you spin the thaumotrope the two pictures seem to combine to make one picture.

What could be better?

Millie would like the teachers to read more stories to the class.

Mia thinks that we should keep practising our sounds.


P1a Learning Log 15.01.18

What is going well?

“We did some Mr Men jigsaws.” – Milo

“We did the toyshop game with toys from the past like yoyos, spinning tops, teddies and rocking horses.” – Aiyet

“I liked drawing and colouring.” – Charlotte

“We practised writing our letters.” – Lacey

“I liked playing with the fire station because I like fire engines.” – Finlay

“I like doing gym because it keeps us fit.” – Maya

“I like playing in the house corner because I like dressing up.” – Carmella

“I liked playing with the new puppets in the puppet theatre.” – Grace

“I liked doing the game in gym when you shout something out and we run.” – Christopher

“I liked learning about toys from the past like spinning tops.” – Corbin

“I like playing with the sand because we looked for balls with words.” – Zosia

“I liked drawing toys.” – Teigan

“I like iPads and fire station.” – Youcef

“I like moving the clock in the house corner.” – Darcy

What could be better?

“Cursive writing has been tricky.” – Martin

“Next week I want to work on sentences.” – Atharv

“It was tricky to write the letter g.” – Devyn

“I want to play number games on the iPads.” – Tia

“I want to do more drawing.” – Matylda

“More little sand trays.” – Dominik

“More jigsaws next week.” – Krystian

P3b Learning Log 15.01.17-19.01.17

What is going well?

I liked painting my own tartan picture in art. -Chloe

I liked when Generation Science came to do experiments with us, it was quite scary. . –Brandyn

I liked making a mindfulness stone. We painted them at wrote positive messages on them. –Josie

I liked making our own tartan. I liked it because learned about tartan as well.  –Karly

I learned about a and an. The rule is:  use a with words that start with consonants and use an for words that start with vowels.  -Maya


What could be better?

I would like to do more gymnastics in P.E–Elza

I would like to do more dancing in P.E.  –Daisy

Next week I would like to learn more balancing in gymnastics. –Severijus

I would like to learn about Scottish castles. –Bailey G

I would like to learn about Robbie Burns.   -Eva



P4B Pupil Voice- 19.01.18

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Alex D- I enjoyed Generation Science “we got to control our own robots”


Rhys- “I enjoyed taking part in generation science”


Quinn- “I enjoyed learning my seven times table”


Josh- “I enjoyed learning my times tables”


Emma- “I enjoyed meeting Generation Science”


Amelie- “I enjoyed learning Spanish colours”


Lucas- “I enjoyed learning about grids and sketching a map of local area”


Jamie- “I enjoyed programming a robot with generation science and the dance off at the end”


Ruairi- “I loved the robots and would love to learn how to program tricky robots”


Ava- “I enjoyed generation science”

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Jamie- “ I would like to get better at drawing sketches of maps”


Fletcher- “I would like to practise reading this week as I think I could find words that I don’t usually read”


Thea- “I would like to try harder map reading questions”


Mark would like to work on developing his signing.


Lucas- “I would like to learn about harder grids”


Emma- “I would like to learn about even harder grids”


Pupil Choice/Evaluation

* Learning about programming with generation science.

* Times tables in math’s.

! Work on tricky grid problem.

P3a Learning Log 18th January 2018

This week We had a great week because Generation Science came and we did cool experiments to make a fizz.

This week in topic we learnt about cool places to go in Edinburgh and Scotland, like the castles and Ben Nevis.

In art we made tartans and we coloured Scotty dogs and thistles.

In literacy we learnt words ending in -er, like longer and smoother.

This week in maths we learnt about units of time and we did a worksheet. We learnt how many days are in a year and a leap year. There are 365 days in a year and 366 in a leap year.

We need to keep working on our spelling.

Dan and Kian

Generation Science

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Maths Starter


Addition using a number line


Dan and Kian holding William, the Roslyn Chapel cat and his passport!


Learning numbers in Spanish

Science in p4B

We were really lucky to have snow this morning at HPPS. We took this opportunity to look at a science experiment. The children brought in a snow ball and wanted to find out the answer ‘how quickly does snow melt?’. We enjoyed making predictions and recorded the process. Have a look at our findings…




*spoiler alert, it took 2 hours 55 minutes to fully melt.